Why do we snore?

Snoring can be bothersome to those closest to you. Snoring is defined as restrictions in the throat’s airway, which result from congestion, weak or relaxed mouth and throat muscles, or an excess of soft tissue in the throat and back of the mouth. When your breath is forced through a constricted airway, it will vibrate against the soft tissues of the throat and mouth creating that unfortunately familiar sound.

At Paloma Vista, we can provide non-invasive solutions for disruptive snoring, such as wearing a special mouthguard-like oral appliance during sleep. Snoring alone may not present a health risk, but more vigorous snoring can decrease the quality of sleep. When snoring is part of a pattern that includes an irregular rhythm, pauses in breath, and gasps for air, it may be indicative of a serious condition known as obstructive sleep apnea.

Recent evidence shows that simple snoring carries consequences of cognitive impairments, suggesting that benign primary snoring should be treated as a disease. The incidence of snoring is much higher than the incidence of OSA, and snoring is now recognized as an abnormality in children.

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